Secretariat Profile

The Taskforce is managed and run on a day-to-day basis by Madano and Ecuity.

We propose the agenda for the work of the Secretariat as well as act as the delivery partners for the companies and organisations in the Taskforce.

Both Madano and Ecuity have extensive experience in advocacy in the low-carbon energy space and in leading successful Government, industry and public-focused communications’ campaigns. We have worked for over a year to bring the Taskforce into existence including collaborating in 2018 to deliver a thought-provoking event on the direction of hydrogen in the UK’s low carbon economy with 25 industry stakeholders.

Both firms have worked with Taskforce members to create strong, consistent and convincing messages as well as deliver the analysis, reports and Taskforce updates that will be the basis for regular Government, industry and public engagement.

Madano helps clients define strategy and deliver their objectives through insight, creativity and communications.

We deliver thought-provoking and robust outputs that create value for businesses and organisations through:

  • Building brand awareness and managing reputations
  • Winning work and creating growth
  • Offering tailored communications to make change happen

We do this, in complex, highly regulated sectors, primarily energy, transport and future mobility, technology, building and infrastructure and healthcare.

Madano has global reach through the AVENIR GLOBAL group of companies with over 1,000 employees in 24 different offices around the world.

By utilising deep market understanding and evidence-based communications, Ecuity helps organisations shape policy and grow sustainable energy markets. Our approach ensures that messages reaches the audience that matters.

Ecuity works across the energy sector and has supported well over 100 companies with insight into the policy frameworks. Our team offers expert insight into key policy across Heat, Power and Transport segments of the energy sector.

Ecuity helps organisations present the best possible evidence to support argument and successfully influence. Our team have specialist expertise in economic analysis whilst our energy sector specialisation means we can readily interpret and develop technical arguments supporting policy proposals.

Ecuity’s network has enabled them to become trusted partners of the policy development teams because of their expertise and support in finding evidence-based policy solutions. The successes the Ecuity team has achieved working with Government and industry coalitions over the past decade demonstrate that good policy requires pro-active and collaborative engagement from industry.