The Hydrogen Taskforce: Hydrogen’s Role in Decarbonising the UK Economy

Hydrogen is essential to the UK meeting its net zero emissions target. We must act now to scale hydrogen solutions and achieve cost-effective deep decarbonisation. With the support of Government, UK industry is ready to deliver.

About the Hydrogen Taskforce

The Hydrogen Taskforce’s Key Policy ‘Asks’

Since the Hydrogen Taskforce’s inception in 2019, the Secretariat and Taskforce members have defined a set of policy asks for Government.

These recommendations are designed to ensure that hydrogen can scale to meet the future demands of a net zero energy system:

The Taskforce members and Secretariat also developed a report outlining the ‘Role of Hydrogen in Delivering Net Zero’. This report was launched on 2nd March 2020 in Parliament at the official launch of the Taskforce. An electronic copy can be accessed here.

The Hydrogen Taskforce’s Primary Goal

Push for a change in the Government’s hydrogen policy to match the significant ambition of the private sector to deliver for the UK’s future, low-carbon energy mix.